Orange County, California

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Attend English classes through IEC’s intensive Academic English program. IEC’s Intensive English courses are specifically designed for students who plan to transfer to a U.S. college or university.

Why Choose IEC@OCC?

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Thanks to IEC@OCC’s close connections with community colleges, students receive a head start when it comes to understanding the often complicated postsecondary education of the United States. IEC classes are focused on helping students master the academic and English skills necessary to succeed in a U.S. university classroom.

IEC students are in close contact with community college advisors who often visit the school and advise students on general education requirements, choosing the right major, and completing online orientations. Additionally, IEC’s staff is well versed on the admissions processes and are here to offer students help at any time.

Life as a student at IEC@OCC is never boring! IEC is committed to offering its students the highest quality experience studying English in the U.S.; therefore, it encourages student participation in community events outside of the classroom. IEC students are often found helping the homeless, providing assistance to the Red Cross, or participating in events like Relay for Life. Additionally, IEC organizes many activities for students to explore what beautiful Orange County has to offer. To learn more about IEC’s activities, click here.

Intensive English Program Details

  • IEC’s Intensive English Program is organized into six levels: students are placed in a level after orientation and complete one level every two months.
  • All IEC teachers are fully qualified and experienced language teachers who are dedicated to helping their students learn English.
  • Classes are held in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
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Students who have not met the English proficiency requirement to enroll in OCC’s degree programs, may be granted conditional acceptance by enrolling in IEC@OCC. Students should submit an IEC@OCC application and the OCC International Student application. OCC requires students to be high school graduates or 18 years of age for admission.  If a student meets those requirements, he or she will receive a “Letter of Conditional Admission” confirming that the student has fulfilled all admission requirements and will be fully admitted once the student provides proof of his/her English language proficiency, which can also be met by completing the highest level of English at IEC – Advanced B.